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Its ok to not be ok..

First post in what feel like agessss.. Ive been quiet lately.. I’m sorryyy! It’s like My mind has been taken over by this everlasting fog which is finally starting to clear! This is like my little safe haven and I really don’t know why I haven’t written sooner! There’s been sooo much going on and mostly it’s all been in my little head! Writing is what I should be doing getting it all down and out of my mind. Its quite hard to write though.. this has taken me a couple of days and some guts to post.
Recently I’ve seen a lot and I mean A LOT of people writing about their mental health struggles finally after so long and to me it’s shocking how many people actually deal with depression, anxiety and so on. 56% of the UK have a mental health issue of some description they are dealing with. I have always struggled and found it hard to talk to people about feelings etc, I’m someone that likes to make sure everyone else is ok before me, I feel embarrassed that I was feeling or felt the way I di…

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