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Being Pregnant - The GOOD!

So I did the “what people don’t tell you about pregnancy” post and I got such amazing feedback I thought the next post would be pregnancy related to. My best friend has recently announced that she’s having a baby and I couldn’t be more excited for the new bundle to become one of Albie’s best friends to grow with, someone he can show the ropes to and look after. So this post is dedicated to her, all the amazing things to look forward to over the next 6 months! They're not in any particular order!

Telling your baby daddy. Mine was done in a bit of a panic over the phone, I wish I had done it differently but I still got the best reaction I could have ever asked for. It’s just the best feeling knowing someone is just as happy as you are! And you’ve both got a secret you know for a little while and can decide when you want to tell people! Makes it all a little more special.

Telling your family. I was a little anxious about this. GOD KNOWS WHY! I had the best reaction I could have ever as…

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