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Pregnancy the second time round...

So we are just over 16 weeks preggo and ITS A BOY!! I decided to find out for practical reasons like keeping Albie's clothes, things like that. But let’s be honest he’s probably still going to have a lot of new things too.. I can’t help but buy baby clothes I love them. Now to start the list of boys names.. its so hard so any suggestions throw them out there!I thought it was going to be a girl up until the day I went for my scan and i changed my mind that morning! My pregnancy has been different this time but I don’t know if that’s because I’m looking after a small person and don’t really get a chance to remember I’m pregnant. Well that was until I resembled a small elephant anyway, no chance of me forgetting now. I notice it a lot more when I’m at work because I’m not focusing on Albie. When the sonographer told me it was a boy I had this weird sense of relief come over me, I must of wanted a boy a lot more than I thought. Don’t get me a wrong a girl would have been lovely but I …

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